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Training Modules:

There are logic and science behind every traffic rules. Most of us are learning driving on our own experiences. We all must be having one or few incident when things went wrong. We are fortunate enough to learn by our mistakes. It could be an incident during night driving, overtaking, speeding etc. Driving school primarily teach you how to ride a vehicle. We have developed our training modules to make your learning a fun.
Category of module   
Age group / User profile                      
Learners / Teenagers
Two Wheeler / Four wheeler driving        
Commercial Drivers
Content Based
Pedestrian safey
cyclist safety
school bus safety
Road signs and traffic rules
Logic and science behind rules
Overtaking, Right of way
Night driving
Rain driving
Driving under other than normal conditions.
Lane driving
Who can organize    
Schools, NGO, Societies
Colleges, Youth clubs, Institutes, Parents
Parents, Companies, Corporates, Institutes, Govt. bodies.
Taxi operator, Transporters, Tour operator


Training Methodology: 
Classroom arrangement is preferred with adequate facilities for Multimedia, projector etc. We have customized module for every category of road users. All the presentations are supported by trained staff, audio, video, and literature. We will use innovative techniques to remind you about your safety.
Time duration:
It could be anything between half an hour to One week module. You have option to choose and combine any of above mentioned subject as per your need. We are also open for activities on Weekends and Holidays.
To know further about modules please write a mail specifying your requirements to ashishpanday@safeonroads.org