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Winter driving, Driving in Fog

(Based on article in Times of India, Delhi Edition, 23rd Jan 2010.)

You should install fog lights on cars and two-wheelers. Do not keep them in upward position; keep them in little declined position.

Drive with headlights on low beam. High beam reflects the moisture off the droplets in the fog, affecting visibility. Using low beam you will be able to see road more clearly.

To clear windscreen, either switch on the heater with the exhaust vent option. Keep the air flow on windscreen. If heater is not available roll down the window glass a little.


Turn on your emergency flashers. They make spotting cars simpler. But take extra care while changing lanes or turning. If flashers are on both sides indicators will lit at same time and other can not predict if you are turning or changing lanes. 

Avoid loud music. Because vision is limited be alert to sounds of other vehicles on the road 

Avoid stopping vehicle on the road. Due to low visibility you could become the first in a chain collision

Two-wheeler riders and pedestrians should wear bright clothes to be more visible.


Install reflectors on cycles and other less of non-reflective vehicles such as bullock cart, trolley etc.

Fog increases moisture and leaves roads slippery. Signal early and avoid braking suddenly.

Get your car serviced. Car battery, brakes, tyres, wipers and lights need to be functional

When fog is dense, follow the white lane markers on the road or tail the vehicle in front maintaining the safe distance. In fog you should keep 5-8 second distance from the vehicle in front or from the vehicle you are following.

Wear comfortable, warm clothes that don’t restrict movement.