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Low Floor bus ride, Jaipur, 25th April 2010.

I felt somewhat irritated when roadways bus took the right turn to enter jaipur. It was 18th hour since i woke up in morning to attend a meeting in delhi and i was eager to reach home ASAP. Then i saw extra large, swanky, low floor bus and immidietly decided to ride one for my journey onwards.I dosed off autowalah first and rikshawalah later. Within 2 min 221 reached and i was among the first few to enter the bus and privoledged to have a seat of choice.I encountterted Rubber burning smell, it was in air, yes it is dificult to run in 38 degree C.The driver Experimented with lights by trying every combination possible of inner bright lights and then got off by switching them all. Party ended befor start? Chalegi ki nahi? Someone asked. Pani to peene do, yes the human radiator also need coolent and it is done in 4 min.8:50 and it was creeping. Someone shouted chalna nahi he kya? Condictor said ''Sawari to bharne do'' oho sales target?,someone raised his hand from his seat to touch the hanging holders and smiled,

Kal hi 10 rupaya diya he roj ata hun, one passanger behind me said. Conductor showed him his hendheld machine and code printed for entire route. I can not change computers. Satisfaction confirmed rs. 12 transaction.Youngster ensure thrice with all his muscles that the middle door is really locked,One Lady sat on floor of the bus and confirmed our that our bottom needs some support always,It initiated the discussion on Sitting capacity, one of the backbencher counted it 32, and said it is enough.And still people wish to sit then "Ghar se chadarlao aur bicha ke beth jao... Kaun rokta he".

The one among last row passanger declared that Sound feeld like diesel vehicle... Per badhiya he...Finally at home... I got off narayan niwas. The time was 9:40. Almost an hour to travel 14 KM but only rs.10/- for that distance? Achcha he...